Hi what do you think is the best pimple?

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I use TSP Curl P1R 1.4 - 1.5 mm. It is little difficult to master the strokes with it, but I have the best control with it. Another rubber I like the best is XIOM Guillotine.
Well, I'd love to have the Tackifire Drive; but unfortunate, in Belgium we cannot buy it! :)
It depends on your style .If you are an all round player and attack well on your back hand side I advice Milkway neptune,Cloud and Fog.Friendship 837 and some others.If you have weaker back hand and you mostly not attack I would advice slow speed ones like Hallmark Phoenix,Dr Neubauer ,ttmaster Swing BACK 1 F or Insider ,Nitakku Screw One and some others.If you are classic defender Dr Neubauer Boomerang classic or Tibar Grass ultra or Frienship 755.
Hey Guys..ive been using for 2 years now the STIGA Destroyer OX (w/o sponge) and im producing unbelievable woblle with it, and winning games tremndously. Even top rated players in my club are having difficulty playing with it. It has both good control and attacking modes which is good for those trying to understand the gameplay of long pips. Its no wonder Stiga has produced this rubber (Destroyer) as its only LP rubber with some good effect and control.
A very interesting discussion. I have played with Dr Neubauer rubbers for some time, until the frictionless pimples were banned. I block, chop and hit with long pimple on the forehand and have played at international level as a Veteran.
Last summer I spent a great deal of time (and money) on trials with just about every long pimple out there. My 2 main training partners are 1) a big topspin attacker and 2) a long pimple blocking expert, who taught me how to play long pimples several years ago. Both of these training partners always give excellent feedback. Finally, I chose TT Master Insider, because it's properties were the closest toDr Neubauer. Now Insider has been banned, so I have had to start again.
Firstly, no matter what Dr Neubauer says, their new rubbers are bad! End of discussion.
Here are the rubbers I have found best to use instead of Dr Neubauer with my observations:
1. Dawei 388D-1. More difficult to play with than 388D, but much harder to play against. Good for service return and some spin reversal. OK to attack with and some wobble. Lots of backspin when you chop. But lifting against backspin is difficult and the push and block shots can drift either side of where you are aiming the shot by up to 20 cm.
2. Stiga Destroyer. Good all round defensive rubber. Good backspin when you chop. Some wobble, but quite easy to attack against compared to the Dawei 388D-1.
3. Curl PR1 is difficult to play against, because opponents cannot read whether the ball has spin or float. (What the Europeans call an "empty ball"). It is the hardest rubber to master, as the control is dificult. Consequently, you have to play safety balls with a large margin of error and if your opponent is confident, he can attack easily. Many players are nervous about PR1 and I found that their hesitation was therir downfall. Not easy to attack with.
4. Butterfly Long II. I thought that this was going to be my rubber for next season. But I found that although it is easy to block, chop and hit with, there is no spin reversal and my training partners found it very easy to attack against. Also, it is very difficult to lift against heavy chop.
5. Cloud & Fog, Friendship 755 & Milky Way. These are all good rubbers, but the comparitive disturbing effect on your opponent and the less than satisfactory attacking properties made me discard these.
So what have I decided to use? Joola Octopus. My training partners all agree that this is the most difficut to play against. The rubber puts a big braking effect on attacking balls, killing both spin and speed. There is not much spin reversal when blocking, unless you can master the chop-block action, when I can generate about 50% of the old Dr Neubauer reversal. The chop hovever generates and enormous amount of backspin, and a normal block kills the spin and returns a float, no-spin ball. The big advantages are first, the ease with which you can return serves. Second, it is very easy to attack with. Third, the block sinks rapidly and your opponent has to try and adjust his shots. Fourth, the amount of backspin you can generate with a chop.
I'm glad my search is over!
I am playing with donic pranja formula tec long pimples (1.2mm). Using this pimple is easy and enoug efected. I use this rubber at backhand and 80% attack.
I was playing before with thibaar detecks but controll is too difficult (I now it is more effected but no control)
Dear players;
I just wonder who is the best player with long pimple backhand attack?
I tried Feint II and Curl P1r pre-season and as I have played pimples out with some success for a while now, found them easy to play with. However, because of the extra braking effect and the ease at which you can attack with it, I started the season with Joola Octopus. I have found lately that word has gotten around that if my opponents play on it continually, they can easily predict what's coming back at them. I've lost 1 out of 12 so far and the guy I lost to did just that. First time he's ever beaten me competitively. So I thought, "what was the most difficult rubber I tried this summer?" Answer: Dawei 388D-1. I pulled it out of my bag and played my final opponent that night, who I normally struggle against. After losing the first set (getting used to the rubber), I kicked serious ass and won 3-1. I'm using it now and I find that the amount of chop is mega. The block wobbles and when the ball is hit/blocked/chopped off-centre, the ball swings. You can feel the pimples "bite" into the ball.



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